What is are System Boilers?

System boilers are made up of a pump and expansion vessel and a sealed hot water cylinder. This provides hot water for the taps and heats the radiators. This is a space saving system as there is no need for a feed or expansion cistern in the loft.

How it works

A system boiler provide a high flow rate of hot water to deliver quick filling baths or powerful showers, thanks to the in-built pump, without the water running cold elsewhere in the house. They are compatible with unvented hot water storage cylinders, such as Megaflo Eco from Baxi’s sister company Heatrae Sadia.

Suitable for:

Homes with a high water demand. System boilers use a large tank of stored water which means that you can use multiple taps simultaneously without a reduction in pressure. This makes it ideal for busy or large households with more than one bathroom.

What is Boiler Plus?

Boiler Plus brought in a change to the Buildings Regulations in 2018 aiming to improve the way people use energy in their homes by giving them a greater choice on how to maximise energy efficiency. This meant that all boiler installations, including system boilers, must include a timer and room thermostat.

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